HMRC Contact Number 0843 902 8905

0843 902 8905

HMRC Contact Number

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is a non-ministerial department and the tax authority in the UK. HMRC generates funds through taxes, and makes them available for the public services as well as families and individuals who need financial support. HMRC provides information about all its services on the phone. The relevant HMRC contact number to choose depends on what advice is required. Telephone guidance is available for individuals, employers, businesses and charities.

Taxes and National Insurance

HMRC manages the flow of money to UK’s public services through collection of taxes, and activities to reduce tax avoidance. As well as taxes, HMRC collects National Insurance (NI) contributions. Customers may call the relevant HMRC Helpline with questions about tax related topics such as the PAYE Coding Notices, emergency tax and underpayments. The HMRC Helpline that deals with National Insurance provides advice on topics such as National Insurance rates and thresholds, and National Insurance credits in special circumstances.

Customers may also call to request a statement. Self-employed customers may seek to call an HMRC phone number for general advice about Self Assessment, or with specific questions about completing their tax return and its supplementary pages. HMRC can also be called confidentially to report tax evasion.

HMRC Contact NumberPayments

The payments that HMRC administers include Statutory Payments (e.g. Statutory Sick Pay and Statutory Maternity Pay), Tax Credits (e.g. Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit) and Child Benefit. Customers can call the relevant HMRC contact number for advice on tax credits – for example, how to renew a claim, or to report a change in circumstances. The HMRC Helpline for Child Benefit advices customers on how to claim for the benefit, and also how an income of £50,000 or more might affect the claimant. The same HMRC phone number that deals with National Insurance inquiries provides advice on Statutory Payments as well.

Employers, businesses and charities each have their own HMRC contact number to call as needed. Employers can call to find answers to questions relating to PAYE, stakeholder pensions and student loan repayments. Businesses can enquire about VAT, for example. Charities can find out how to apply for recognition as a charity, how to complete a company or trust tax return, and how to deal with Gift Aid, among other things.

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